Remote Access to Mining Rigs Ensures Tight Control

By gaining remote access to mining rigs, cryptocurrency miners will be a step ahead of the competition and never miss out on uptime.

Cryptocurrency Mining: The Basics

With the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies, cryptominers are becoming increasingly widespread. In order to verify and validate crypto transactions, miners enter them into the blockchain public ledger, which contains every transaction (also known as a block) ever carried out with a specific cryptocurrency. Miners sort through all crypto transactions and release the new currency, and in return, earn a transaction fee as well as a portion of the cryptocurrency they originally verified. The role itself is particularly difficult, and requires a lot of time and patience. Mining used to be a more lucrative project, back when there were less people doing it and there was more money to be made.

It is due to the complications involved with cryptomining that many miners don’t solely rely on it as their main source of income. For those that mine crypto on the side, gaining remote access to mining rigs is extremely beneficial. By remotely managing your mining, you can stay ahead of the competition. There are a number of both hardware and software options that enable remote mining – each varies depending on the capacity of your mining operations and the level of remote control you require. While some options like TeamViewer offer an all-in-one solution, others provide a simple workaround to functions such as rebooting a machine or file transfer.

For those performing cryptomining at a relatively low capacity, there are various small-scale hardware options that are inexpensive, but also somewhat basic in their functions.

Smart plugs, for example, can be used to shut down a computer remotely for either security or energy-saving reasons.

For many miners, a common problem is their rig freezing at an unfortunate time.

To combat this, a smart Wi-Fi plug allows users to turn their Wi-Fi off and on remotely via their smartphone.

It also enables users to monitor the energy usage of their rigs at home, which can better help miners calculate their ROI. Hardware options can provide simple, cost-efficient solutions for remote access to mining rigs.


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